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Exterior view - 2004

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Spur gearing on the stone floor - 2004

  HISTORICAL & TECHNICAL STUDY and RESTORATION PROJECT PLAN for Ullesthorpe Windmill Project, Leicestershire (2004-2010)

Throughout its working life, this tower mill has been connected with the Goodacre family, in whose ownership it remains. The present owner, John Goodacre, has made concerted efforts during the last 40 years to maintain the structure in a watertight condition and to prevent deterioration of the original historic fabric.

Several small and fragile components, which may otherwise have suffered damage through collapse, have been carefully conserved and await reinstatement in their original positions. As a result of these efforts, the mill has remained in a complete condition and has escaped the attentions of the scrap merchant and the heavy-handed restorer. The structure and its associated buildings retain several “historical fingerprints” from their last days as the working centre of a rural community.

Despite the complete internal condition of the mill, significant features of the exterior have not survived. These timber components included the sails, which provided the power to drive the machinery; the fantail which turned the entire roof of the structure to face the wind; and the reefing stage which surrounded the tower at second floor level. All these features will require replication to an authentic design. In this context, elements of the historical record, such as archive photographs and documents, will provide an invaluable reference tool.

A principal aim of the project is to stimulate awareness and interest in the mill within the local community. It is the intention of the owner to improve the present condition of the mill and eventually to return the working parts to fully operational order. This aim will be realised through a scheme of phased restoration; the report contains outline plans for each phase of work, together with estimated costs.