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Maximising the value of your mill


We can offer many innovative solutions to help maximise the value of your mill - from the perspective of the mill owner as well as from the standpoint of the mill visitor.

Having the right 'publicity' material, both for display and for distribution, is important in order to present key information about your mill to the right audience in a clear and accessible way.

We have worked with a number of mill owners and guardians to generate publicity material which, although unique to each mill, maintains an identifiable signature throughout.

Material we have produced has included:

  • publications - such as history and guide books
  • interactive 3-D displays and 2-D boards
  • publicity schemes, presentations and handouts
  • detailed explanatory documents which describe and interpret the technology of the mill and its background
  • educational packs for school and group visits

To discuss the publicity, presentation and marketing of your mill, or simply to find out more about maximising its value, fill out our enquiry form or speak to us directly on 07733 108409.


Allow us to help with your:

Click on the hyperlinks below to see some examples we have produced.

Norfolk's Windmills

Norfolk's Windmills by river, road & rail


Maud Foster Mill, Boston, Lincs


Cromer Mill, Stevenage, Herts