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Our philosophy of mill repair

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A mill is a unique combination of historic building and machine. Bonwick M H C promotes the use of traditional materials in mill repair. These include:

  •  Cast and wrought iron
  •  Air-dried UK-grown hardwoods
  •  High quality softwoods
  •  ‘Breathable’ lime-based mortars
  •  Durable metal fixings such as brass and stainless steel
  •  Microporous, oil-based paint systems

We do not recommend or uphold the repair of historic structures using modern materials which are often inappropriate to the original construction and have no historical context. Materials which we would not recommend include:

  •  Mild steel brackets and fixings
  •  Low quality, unplaned timbers
  •  Plastics
  •  Cross-head screws and hexagonal-head bolts
  •  Cement mortar

Bonwick M H C believes in the retention of historic fabric wherever and whenever possible. In suggesting the most appropriate repair solutions we can ensure that our high standards of conservation are met.