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How we respond to your mill-related enquiry



This will include record drawings, annotated colour photographs, a glossary of terms used and a list of bibliographic references.

The report will contain a high degree of detail suitable for inclusion as part of a planning application or publication.

The accompanying headings indicate the contents of a detailed report we have produced, and are intended as a representative example only.

You will receive: a document of 20-30 pages, illustrated in colour and bound with card / transparent covers. Multiple copies are available by request.

Example cost: £850 -£ 1,700 .




Example contents of an in-depth research report on a windmill:

1. Historical & technological context
1.1       Resume of mill types
1.2       Millwrighting traditions in the locality
2. The structure: description and critical dimensions
2.1       Mill site & outbuildings
2.2       Tower
2.3       Floors
2.4       Cap and curb
3. The working parts: description and critical dimensions
3.1       Fantail & winding mechanism
3.2       Sails
3.3       Millstones and associated gearing
3.4       Ancillary equipment
4. Present condition & repair requirements
4.1       Structure
4.2       Floors
4.3       Working parts
4.4       Cap & Fantail
5. Discussion – approaching the restoration of the mill
5.1       Significance of the mill
5.2       Future use of the mill
5.3       Practical considerations
5.4       Planning requirements
5.5       Repair aims & approach
5.6       Suggested orders of work
6. Critical path & breakdown of estimated costs

7. Figures
8. References
9. Appendices