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How we respond to your mill-related enquiry



This will give you a summary of the information we have about your mill in the form of a project plan. Using this plan, you can identify the areas of most interest to you and we can then find out more about them.

Where available, significant historical information and technical details relating to your mill will be included.

An example of the type of information included in a desk-based assessment appears on the right.

You will receive: a project plan of 3-5 pages, with sample illustrations and a list of further sources of information.

Example cost: £300. We will provide a quotation and agree this with you before producing the assessment.





Example content of a desktop assessment:

Details of the mill’s site and geographical context

- Including maps, plans, technical drawings, photographs and other illustrations

Historical information about the mill
- Its construction date or period
- Names of families and individuals associated with the mill
- Significant events in the mill’s life such as damage by fire
- Details of repairs to the mill

Technical information about the mill
- Its unique features
- Its regional characteristics
- How it was operated
- Details of the products made by the mill

Description of the available sources of information about the mill
- List of published information
- Details of information held by record offices, libraries, archives and equivalent sources